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Client Testimonials

"Courtney Merry's professionalism and ability to streamline processes is incredible.  She has the ability to foresee and troubleshoot issues before they happen making her a valuable business partner to have.  I would strongly recommend her bookkeeping and accounting services."  - Jackie I.

"Courtney worked closely with my family personally and with our family business for more than 5 years.  We first started working with her after the death of my father.  She was instrumental in helping us navigate the accounting and tax hurdles associated with this loss.  Courtney was honest, hardworking, and had a great eye for details.  During our relationship we started an FLP, went through probate, sold several properties, transferred ownership of several assets, and much more.  It was such a help to know that Courtney was there to keep the tax and accounting implications straight.  I would highly recommend her for any accounting needs."  - Jason A.

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