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Mahtomedi, MN CPA opens own practice

I am Courtney Merry, a Mahtomedi, MN CPA. I opened my own bookkeeping and accounting practice a few months back. As all new business owners know, the first few months or even years, are centered primarily on trying to raise community awareness of your business. The same is true for me. I have been going door to door handing out cards, talking about my business to anyone that will listen, attending networking events, and the list goes on.

Since I have been out talking to people, I have gotten feedback from various business owners and individuals. Most is encouraging but to the tune of "I already have a CPA that I am happy with" to which I sincerely reply "That's wonderful!" But let me give you a few things to consider in this area.

First, is your CPA part of a large accounting firm or are they part of a small practice that is dedicated to giving their clients individualized, specialized attention? I offer my clients the benefit of knowing that I am available for them at nearly all times of day and that their accounting needs take top priority for me.

Second, are you paying more than you should for the services that you need? I am a reasonably priced CPA that has little overhead as I work out of my home. While sometimes the services that you require as a business owner are more complex and can better be served by a large firm that charges more for their services, most of the time small businesses and individuals don't require such services from their CPA. As such, I encourage you to shop around and compare prices a little. You might be surprised at what you find.

Consider giving this Mahtomedi, MN CPA a call to evaluate your current bookkeeping and accounting needs and to see if I can help you get more individualized attention for less than you are currently paying.


Courtney Merry

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